How it works


How to manage my profile?

Profiles are our way of creating a customised interface for Nestor. The profile can be easily managed and operated via your regular account. It is compiled keeping in mind the preferences of respective users. It also helps in getting survey membership matching your educational background.

You can also help us in better management of your profile. Don’t delay your feedbacks so that you can help us help you. Comments and suggestions are equally welcome.

How can I enrol myself into a survey?

The Nestor can participate in the survey directly from their accounts. They just need to open the mail pertaining to that survey and click on the link. After this, you are redirected to that survey HOMEpage.

Here, you need to fill out few forms that are aimed at checking your suitability for that particular survey.

How can I get invited to surveys suiting my professional/educational background?

Nestor is required to complete his profile updated. Profile is aimed at analysing the professional and educational inclination. Based upon its result, our team redirects all the relevant survey notifications to matching accounts.

All the relevant information about the time duration, orientation, reward points and application guidelines of the online survey is mentioned on the notification/invitation itself.

Why am I having trouble logging in?

If you are facing trouble logging into your Opinionest account then there are a number of ways to fix it. First of all, be extremely careful while entering information to access your account. It is better to set the email id and password in smaller case. This is because the association with caps lock usually causes trouble.

If the problem persists then the users can always contact our customer care helpline. Opinionest also provides the facility of an online message box as well as suggestion box.

How to login when I forgot my password?

In case you fail to enter your password correctly then click on ‘make visible’ tab, in case you have the luxury of privacy. Else, you can click on the tab labelled ‘Set new password’

And within seconds you will get access to your account after entering a security code that you will be receiving via an email.

How can I register?

Opinionest registration process in not much different from the regular online registration process. The first step is to login. This link opens up into a formal registration form. Fill the entire form quite carefully as it plays a crucial role in deciding your suitability to an appropriate survey panel category. You can also sign up through your Facebook account.

After filling up this form, just click the button tagged ‘Join Us’. This marks your official integration into Opinionest group, which is one of the best paid survey sites worldwide.

How can I get myself invited to more surveys?

We attach a feedback form to all the survey invitation emailed to you. This form helps us to decide which survey category suits you the best. It also tells us what type of online polls you will be interested in taking in future. Thus with proper information we manage to send as many relevant links as possible to your account.

Complete profile information often translated into more survey invitations. Check your spam folder from time to time to avoid getting important mails lost in there.

How can I check my enrolment status in a specific survey?

The Nestor will receive an automated mail with a survey link, if the profile seems suitable. The users can access this link anytime and take the survey.

How can I cancel my participation?

Nestor may have change of plans. Hence they are unable to take the survey for which they have applied. At times like these, the members can simple ignore the reverted mail. Or they can also reply to this mail and decline the offer politely. They may or may not cite the reason for declination.

This helps you in maintaining a communication link with popular survey sites so that you regularly get considered as an eligible candidate for survey purpose.

How to subscribe for survey notifications?

The Opinionest support domain makes sure that you get all the relevant survey invites online. However, the Nestor can also activate this facility manually. You can also contact us directly by sending us an email. The necessary action will be taken from our side within 1-2 business days max.

The members can also enrol for desired surveys by logging into our official website and getting all the survey-related information from our bulletin board.

How can I conform my membership?

The confirmation to be an official Nestor can be done in a number of ways. Usually the members automatically receive a confirmation mail within few hours of the successful completion of their registration process. But sometimes a technical glitch may occur. Hence it is always better to check your spam mail.

And it is advisable to approve Opinionest customer care support email id in the sender’s list. This will also help in timely recovery of invoices bearing the details of earned money for surveys.

What is the process for updating my account?

The Opinionest technical team introduces new features from time-to-time. Usually the accounts get updated automatically but sometimes a syntactical error may occur. Hence, if you want to activate a service or widget on your account then got to top right corner and click on ‘Settings’.

The users can control all the account variables from here. They also have the freedom to enable or disable the default settings as per their choice. Though tempering with default settings is not advisable.

How to contact customer care support?

The customer care support of Opinionest can be accessed directly through our official website. The users are required to simply login their through their registered Opinionest account. An official query form is available at the linkContact us

You can submit all your account related queries here. Our sincere customer care staff members will get back to you as soon as possible.

What are the perks of becoming a nestor?

The Nestor enjoys a wide range of perks and benefits. Regular notification to all the ongoing as well as upcoming surveys is provided to the members at regular intervals. They get to choose their incentives from a variety of options available.

The payment process executes at an exponential speed and the associates get their compensation in no time.

Is there any hidden cost invloved in registration process?

The registration at Opinionest is absolutely free. The Nestor are not required to pay a single penny for the online account facilities that they enjoy. The only input required from their side is the donation of their treasured opinions.

We provide the best cash prizes and gift cards in the industry for every survey taken by our panellists.

How can I solve the technical errors that sometimes occur in between a surveys?

Our technical support team works untiringly to provide a seamless online platform to our members. Still, sometimes a glitch or two may occur. Though, we have also designed a way to work around it. We ensure that such technical mishaps are always followed by a recovery plan.

The user can inform us regarding the type of technical error occurred and they will get appropriate solution for it as soon as possible. Any lingering doubts and queries can always be handled by our competent customer care domain.

In how many days do I receive the earned survey incentives in my account?

The reward points get deposited in your account or gift vouchers equalling your earned rewards are sent through automated mail after a Nestor qualifies minimum threshold. Opinionest platform makes sure that its members get the promised incentives as soon as possible. The incentives are deposited in the form of reward points or cash prizes.

The details regarding the earned points can be viewed in the ‘Reward Points’ tab under profile. Initially there is a certain reward point threshold that has to be reached in order to make the payment gateway functional. Once this limit has been reached then the users can encash any reward point value within one week or less.

What are the available varities of incentives to choose from?

The Nestor can choose the incentives from a variety of options available with almost all online surveys available at Opinionest. These options include gift cards, cash prizes, reward points. We have tie up with all the major payment gateways.

Hence the members can choose any type of compensation and they will be paid the promised amount within the specified time interval. Opinionest do not make payment in cash.

Can I convert my earned gift cards/novelty gifts into cash?

The facility of converting earned points into cash is provided by only a few sponsors. Hence it is prudent to check for the availability of the cash conversion option in the online invitation itself. The members can login and manage their reward points from their account itself.

There are various complementary options available in the ‘Reward Point’ tab. These options help in making the financial management quite simple for the account holders.

How do I receive the payment of my account balance?

It is quite easy to materialise your online balance. Once you have reached the threshold value required, a ‘redeem’ button will appear. This confirms the validity of your online funds and the available balance.

Click on ‘redeem’ tab to receive your cash prize. Once you have sent this withdrawal request, it takes at most 2 weeks to get the delivery of gift cards/wire transfer.

How to contact for queries related to miscalculated account balance?

Our website management panel is self-sufficient in management of online funds for all our members. However the Nestor may still face some problem with their account balance. This may be mainly due to the compatibility issues with the browser or the operating system of the user’s PC or other such surveying instruments.

These nominal technical issues can easily be tacked by our online support system. You can mail us and specify your problem in detail. Our certified technicians will solve all your account related trouble within a day or less.