What is Opinionest?

Opinionest is a privately held company that helps in connecting research, consulting and financial firms to end users, consumers and industry experts. We connect researchers across the globe to verified respondents that voluntarily share insights and help in improving quality of goods / services.

Opinonest has its office in US, New Zealand and India. The survey topics focus on a variety of subjects such as sports, entertainment, shopping, new products or movies, just to name a few.

For Nestors

Opinionest is an online community of thought leaders who share their expertise and opinions with companies and help them in day to day as well as strategic decision making. We conduct research in both B2C as well as B2B environment. The surveys conducted help organizations in understanding different aspects such as technology, procurement, supply chain both operational and financial sides. The surveys participants are shortlisted based on the profile information that the Nestor has shared with us.

We try our best not to contact Nestors for surveys that are irrelevant to them. We honor the opinion of Nestors through different incentive methods, we even share cash through PayPal. Our Nestors engage in the follow types of research projects:

  • Online surveys Micro-consulting opportunities
  • In-depth telephonic interviews with industry expertsIndustry conferences

For Clients


Opinionest briefly understands the research requirement of the clients and help them decide the methodology and facilitate the research fieldwork.

Opinionest offers a gamut of services to the range of clients that are institutional investors, management consulting firms and large corporations. The array of services offered includes:

  • Online Surveys
  • CATI
  • Programming and Hosting
  • In-depth discussions with industry professionals
  • Translation services

We run referral contests where we select Nestors that have referred the maximum number of contacts. We reward the Nestors with maximum number of referral signup.

Refer your friends and colleagues to join Opinionest and you would get a chance to enter the weekly lucky draw to get bonus points.

Sweepstakes and Contests

We conduct contests for Nestors on a regular basis, the winners of the contests organized are informed through e-mail, the Nestors are also informed through the Rewards section in their profiles.

What makes Opinionest so unique?

Various national and multi-national companies sponsor surveys for money to get the privilege of knowing their target market in a better way. The online poll conducted conforms to all the international standards for quality review work. The database thus generated is an integral component of the intensive marketing research that almost all major companies conduct nowadays.

This helps the entire organization in improving the conceptual as well as marketing scheme for the final product or service thus created.

Nestor Profiles

In order for us to ensure the surveys / consultations that we facilitate are appropriate we use the demographic information shared by the Nestor at the time of registration and the in-depth profiles.

We understand both consumer as well as business responsibilities of the Nestor at HOME and workplace respectively.

The Nestor profiles helps in deeply profiling every respondent and minimizes survey / consultation disqualifications. Therefore it is extremely important to complete the profiles.