Our Concept


How does it work?

Opinionest is an online global community of professionals and consumers (Nestor) who share their insights to help organizations improve their products and services and take informed decisions. Over the years our Nestors have helped global organizations, market research and investment firm in understanding the trends across different industries and domains.

All the survey participants are required to create their account on our website. Thus they get regular notifications regarding the available online survey jobs. The available Nestor information is helpful in shortlisting participants.

Why join Opinionest?

We connect our Nestors to global organizations and research firms who seek the valuable insights to help make business decisions.

The elite community of Nestors is rewarded in the various forms such as Online Gift Cards, PayPal Credits and Hourly Consultation fees etc. for sharing their insights. A Nestor can take part in the following type of assignments:

  • Online surveys Industry conferences Telephonic Surveys

Is there a Registration fee?

No, we do not charge any fee for joining. In fact, we would share an incentive for your valuable insights.

What is in it for Nestors?

We seek the opinion of our Nestors on different research studies. The Nestors share demographic information at the time of registration that is used to target the audience of the study set by the client. The respondents are further screened during the survey and the reward amount mentioned in the invitation is credited in case the Nestor qualifies and completes the survey. We provide a wide range of attractive gifts, coupons and cash prizes for Nestors to choose from.

The reliable payment process together with timely payments plays a great role in establishing the brand value of a survey service among the masses. Opinionest scores high in terms of brand appeal and credibility. Hence it gets to have an active panel that revisits its website regularly. The simple-to-use payment scheme makes sure that Opinionest comes across as a reliable and productive survey website.

The only requirement is to have a genuine account in the surveying website that contains all the valid personal details that can be verified. These details are kept confidential under the customer privacy policy. The literature survey is usually conducted on people that belong to a literary background. This is mainly because those people can comprehend the questionnaire design and its purpose in a better manner. The survey definition varies according to the context of the object being surveyed about. But the general meaning of the term survey is the process of getting popular opinion on any product, trend, service or any other such tangible and intangible object.

Surveys and their Purpose

There are different reasons for companies to conduct market research surveys. Few examples of market research studies would involve:

  • Customer trust and loyalty
  • Competitive benchmarking and market positioning
  • Advertising effectiveness and brand recall studies
  • Customer satisfaction studies

The virtual survey platform plays a great role in bridging the information gap between the clients and their respective customers. The greater is the interaction between these two parties, more successful the resulting consumer item will be.