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Why Join Us?

Why Join?

We see two questions club in one here; why join (at all?!!) and why us? So, first we answer the question why join! The foremost aspect of joining us is your belief in your contribution.That by way of joining and participating in the surveys paid or incentivized you are helping the company in many dimensions makes you satisfied for your worthy contribution.

While you are acknowledging the merits in a project or services rendered by a particular company, you are also encouraging that company and its competitors to come up with similar or better offering.

Why Us?

Now coming on to the next question is only continuation of the first answer. We value your time and ensure that questions asked to you are not irrelevant and illogical. Based on the inputs you have filled up during the registration and post confirmation from Opinionest team, we use the very details, match up the profile and share with you surveys relevant and interesting to you. So the soccer lover sporty person in you won't be made to share your views on soap operas and vice versa.

Our D-WIRE approach of Derive What Is Required Exactly takes care of unnecessary questions and ensures that you do not have to answer all the questions right from the scratch and you will actually love replying to questions. While answering questions becomes fun, uncluttering also ensures that the set of questions are refined and makes complete senses once answered by the product or service users.

The other distinction team Opinionest draws is by virtue of its seemingly simplistic set of questionnaires which are scientifically compiled. The set of questionnaires not only captures the unbiased, unconditioned views of the customers and end users it also presents them in an easily interpretable manner. It also means that the companies concerned with these surveys are able to effectively use information shared in the surveys to better their products, services and to continue with the good work.

The other important aspect where we have an edge over others is the way we interpret information. To highlight, D-WIRE and D-WISE are two key aspects which form the base of team Opinionest's approach towards constructive survey. Derive What Is Sensible takes the filtered survey to the next level where the focus is on compiling what is relevant, what is sensible and what is exact. It gives a clear understanding to concerned brand to focus on areas where vital attention is required.


I have been getting both business and consumer surveys from Opinionest. The company offers incentives ranging from $1 - 15 per completed survey.

In addition to the survey incentives the company also has sweepstakes from time to time for panelists. Their customer service is remarkably fast and helpful.

Just encashed my first $10 and I am taking more surveys on the website. The surveys are available in multiple languages which makes the website easy to use.

testinomial An IT Manager Nestor

I get regular surveys from them which I have been responding for almost two months now.The surveys incentives vary from $1-$5 depending on the duration and topic of the survey.

This is another authentic survey website that I would recommend.

testinomial Banker Nestor

This is another survey website with rewarding opportunities. I have taken a few of their easy surveys and the points haven't been credited in the website rewards as it generally takes 24-48 hours for the points to be updated, I haven't cashed out yet.

Overall the website looks good and considering the current surveys I intend to be associated with them in the long-run

testinomial Finance Professional Nestor