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Opinionest shapes the products. Your views empower us.

Combine the strength of an online panel company with the accuracy of the technology. And you get Opinionest.
Born in 2013, Opinionest is a fast-growing community of survey respondents. We partner with market
research companies and brands looking for genuine data and customer feedback.

If you’re are keen to influence the future of a product, join hands with us. Because we care about your
opinions. And users like you enjoy our best paid online surveys.

What we offer?

We connect brands with their users’ views

Market Research

Market Research

Opinionest provides quality survey responses to your market research campaigns. Now connect with your potential customers’ opinions.Refine your products to appeal to your consumers.
Online Community

Online Community

You interact with a community of brilliant users. Experts, thought leaders, and enthusiasts. Based on the expertise, interest, and education, surveys are distributed for both B2C and B2B markets. Trustable reviews that help better products and services.
Get Rewards

Get Rewards

Fill the surveys curated on your interests. Get paid in exchange for unbiased opinions. Refer your friends and get vouchers.Give way to profits for your time.

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Welcome to the dynamic and emerging
world of market research!

Your views matter to the world


Market research is the systematic gathering, recording, and analyzing of data and problems associated with products and services.

When a business identifies a problem and its deemed solution, researchers create objectives and collect feedback from users like you. Survey results help predict market response and shape the proposed solution.

Your opinions matter to the Market research companies!

Brands roll out surveys on the best paid survey sites. When you fill these questionnaires, your responses help the brands to refine their products—old and new.

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Stand Out of the Crowd

Your opinions enable the brands to understand the requirements and desires of the target market better. Your valuable inputs define the success or failure of the products and services.

The role Opinionest plays
between consumers and brands

Opinionest collects inputs via online mail surveys and questionnaires from qualified individuals addressed to specific demographics. We collate your thoughts on behalf of the market research companies and brands. Market research companies partner with us, and we reward you for your precious time and input.

Whether you live in India or Canada, whether you share your views from Europe or Australia, whether you fill surveys for money in the USA or Germany, we connect your opinions with brands globally. Fill from anywhere, anytime, and make bucks.

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