Why Join Opinionest?

Because your opinions and our data can innovate products and reform brands. You believe, and we trust in innovation.

Because our questionnaires and your sentiments make products merit or demerit. Your views push brands to innovate and improve. And innovations promise reforms. Your thoughts and our studies can promote brands to bring these reforms.

What else? You fill the surveys to make money for every precious minute you spend with us.

why join us

Why Opinionest?

We don’t brand ourselves to be the best online survey site. We just go about our work and value your time by aiding you to earn money through surveys. And help market researchers who bring reforms in the market and brands.

Quick and Relevant Surveys
Quick and Relevant Surveys

No larking around. We value your time. You want it quick? Our surveys are short yet precise to the topic. You can finish basic reviews in a jiffy even before your coffee loses its steam.

No BS questions. You receive freshly-minted and fascinating surveys based on your profile. So, the soccer lover in you won’t be asked to share views on soap operas.

No data breach. Relax and sit back while you answer your questions. Your security is sealed and safe. Don’t worry about receiving more pesky emails or calls.

No referrals leak. Your references are locked with us. You wouldn’t hear them complaining of unsolicited messages. Not from our channels!

Your Data, Our Duty
Secured Data

No strings attached. Close your account anytime. We understand when you get busy. Just drop us a note, and you are set to part. However, we would love to keep in touch. We often surprise our genuine users.

Cancel Anytime
Secured Data
Showering Rewards
Grow your Business

No hollow words. You get instant points on each completed survey. Collect rewards even if you fill optional questions. Cash in every 1000 points through Paypal.

No painful gains. Refer your friends, family, and colleagues. And spike the earnings in your Opinionest account.

Simple yet Scientific Approach
Earn Rewards through Surveys

No vague review system. We compile simple questionnaires based on scientific and proven methods. AI and analytics drive our technology.

No additional analysis needed. Our research partners and brands receive lucid survey results. We make interpretation easy for them to reform the products and services.

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