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Data privacy and security are our primary concerns. Each market survey is analysed anonymously and the results are accumulated at a level. While conducting market research for any clients, we ensure that the client only receives the anonymized results of the study. No personal data is made available to anyone at any stage.

We here at Track Opinion Research Private Limited (Track Opinion), Gurugram, Haryana, India, 122018 securely process and store your personal data.

Track Opinion and the Opinionest collect data in compliance with the norms of the Data Protection Authority's guidelines and the provisions of the Data Protection Act as well GDPR. We follow all requirements to ensure data security and privacy policy compliance.

Opinionest also works in compliance with ESOMAR code ( which is an internationally recognized ethical code for market and opinion research.

Opinionest collects data to map habits, attitudes, preferences and knowledge of use for commercial and research projects to provide strategic insights to our clients.

As this is merely a data analysis activity which is also conducted anonymously, you will not receive any third-party advertising. Also, your data will never be used to urge you into buying products or services. Opinionest will never disclose your collected personal information to any third parties unless you have explicitly consented to sharing your data.

The participant gets the choice to decide what information they share with us. The participants can share their name, age, gender, zip code, telephone number and address and we store some of this personal information about you. If you do not wish to share this information with us, you are requested to not submit the information with us at any point.

This stored information pertaining to your age, gender and geographical location alongside the answers you have filled in determines what surveys we invite you to. The aforementioned information will be used to assess whether a user qualifies as the target audience for a particular study. This is done to reduce the chances of inviting users to surveys that would be irrelevant to them.

Your contact information is used to invite you to relevant surveys. Once a user fills in a survey, Opinionest then awards points for participation. Information about surveys a user’s been invited to, accepted and participated in is also stored and then used to award Opinionest points. All your answers to any survey question are never stored under your name. Only your answer is stored, your personal profile link to the answer is not.

Every bit of information (about you) stored in our secure network is transparently available under the ‘My Account’ tab on the panel pages. You can review all information from this tab and keep a check on the information we have.

The moment you become a member of Opinionest, you give Us the right to analyse data entered in your profile as well as the answers of survey questions. All the data is anonymized so any names, postal or email addresses, or any kind of personal information will not be disclosed to any customer without the prior consent of the user. Each survey participant gets to answer the studies they want to.

You can withdraw your data sharing privileges at any point. Track Opinion never stores and processes personal data without your consent. To opt out, just exit the panel. You can also delete your account by logging in, then going to the profile settings, and deleting the account.

All the information associated with your User ID will be deleted the moment you log out of the panel. You can read and edit any information through your account ID.

The information submitted in specific audience questions cannot be edited via your user account. This submitted information can definitely be viewed or deleted by logging into your user account.

We meticulously monitor our user activity. If our system detects uneventful activity like answering inaccurately, making fraudulent answers, etc. we will notify the suspected members immediately without any prior notice. Our system always checks response patterns and response time. A suspected member will immediately lose the saved Opinionest points on account of the fact their answers cannot be used for research or data analysis projects.

We strictly prohibit using more than one user account or email address to register to the panel. Any multiple accounts detected will be deleted without prior notice to the user.

As long as you wish to remain a member of Opinionest, your profile and the associated information will be stored safely with us. Whenever you choose to unsubscribe from Opinionest’s panel, all your information will be deleted within a reasonable period of time.

As our system only processes anonymized data sets, personal information like your email id may be useful to our systems .

For instance, data files are stored to ensure that a member doesn’t receive multiple invites to the same market survey. Every data file of this type will be deleted after 6 months. In specific cases, these data files may be stored for 24 months for follow-up studies. Only our internal systems and processes use these data files.

The points collected on our system can be redeemed for products, donations and electronic coupons. These Opinionest points are allocated to a User ID. Opinionest points redeemed for electronic coupons will require the exchange of a user ID with our system supplier. The supplier will maintain a log of where your user ID, date and product are stored. We will only collect and share information that is required to complete the transaction.

Cookies are small text files generated in a device once a website is used. These cookies give visitor access to the website enabling features like logging in and checking previous website activity.

Track Opinion and the Opinionest panel use cookies to manage logins on our site and in some of our surveys as well to provide a better service.

Opinionest only uses Cookies for data collection in connection with studies. These cookies are collected only after the user gives explicit permission for cookie collection. The data generated with these cookies enable our customers to create datasets about our users’ digital footprint. That dataset reveals which target groups were impacted by what digital ad campaign. It also has an added advantage of validating how the population of a digital segment looks. This explicit tracking cookies consent can be withdrawn at any moment by logging into your user account.

If the customer permits, We will store their cookies. Cookies enable better processing of personal data so the answers to the survey questionnaire and these cookies yield accurate results. We place the cookies on behalf of the customer and all this data enables accurate digital behaviour analysis. Mostly, these cookies allow us to identify similar users that can be targeted by the scientists/researchers that have designed the questions. A user will not receive any marketing material aimed at them.

Track Opinion enables its users to see which third party entities have the permission to share data from a user’s account. This permission can be withdrawn any time via your user account. The use history can be easily deleted by deleting the cookies in your web browser.

Google Analytics owned and runned by Google.Inc is used on this site as a web analytics service tool to determine how users use the site. The tool uses cookies or text files generated in a device once a website is used. The data from the cookies is collected and transferred to Google’s servers in the United States.

Wherever IP anonymization is enabled, the IP address will be truncated. This is specifically applicable within the European Economic Area. In exceptionally rare cases, before the truncation of the IP address, the entire IP address will be transferred to Google's server. Track Opinion enables IP anonymization.

Google Tag Manager is a Google service which acts like a digital code management system. As per the information shared by Google, this tool never accesses data. It creates codes that contains your personal data but as per our understanding, it never overtly collects personal data. Google Tag Manager continues to track all digital tags if it is disabled at the domain or cookie level.

Each new member is assigned an individual user ID the moment they input their contact data and accept the general terms of service. All the registration and transactional information is stored under this User ID. The data stored on each User ID enables us to improve our services as registration data, information from our partners, campaigns and ad information are continuously measured, then analysed. Each user has the right to determine what their User ID stores.

GDPR or the EU Personal Data Regulation is a data protection EU regulation. It aims to strengthen and align the rights of data protection and privacy for individuals in the EU. The GDPR became enforceable since May 25, 2018.

The GDPR legislates any data protection violations. It has inbuilt sensible data security principles like:

  • 1. Personal data collection is minimised
  • 2. Any personal information that’s no longer needed is deleted immediately.
  • 3. Restrict data access.
  • 4. Protect user data as long as it’s stored in Track Opinion’s database.

Track Opinion already has GDPR compliant working systems. We have created systems and routines to protect data at all costs for GDPR compliance as well as business data protection.

Data about you is collected and processed by Track Opinion exactly as mentioned in this privacy policy. You can contact us or email us at in case you have any questions about personal data processing conducted by Track Opinion Research Private Limited (Track Opinion).

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