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Account & Profile Related

In 2 steps.
Click on the register button on the Homepage and fill your basic information. And there you are with your Opinionest Account. Off you go, start taking surveys to make money.

You can manage your profile via your account. It is compiled, keeping in mind your preferences and demographics. Your updated profile helps to get survey membership matching your educational background and area of interest.

No, we do not charge any fee for joining. In fact, we would share an incentive for your valuable insights. After all, we are one of the best paid survey sites.

Yes. You can access the customer care support at Opinionest through our official website or mobile app. All you need is simply log in through your registered Opinionest account. An official query form is available at our contact us page.
Despite zero issues, we would love it if you drop a hello.

No. We don’t support multiple accounts by a single user.

Although we hate to see you go, we honor your opinions. Unsubscribing is simple if you have changed your mind.
You can simply ignore the survey mails for which you had applied once. Or you can reply to the survey mails declining the offer politely. Though we would never ask you the reason for declining, this will help you in maintaining a communication link with us, so you never slip from our list of the eligible candidate for the surveys. Because you never know when we come up with a massive offer for our lovely users like you.
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Survey Related

You receive all the new and relevant surveys matching your profile to your registered email address. You can see them in the dashboard too once you log in to the Opinionest website or mobile app.

You can fill all the surveys while traveling to the office or back or while you are watching your daily dose of news. Generally, the questionnaires take about 15-20 minutes. Depending on the complexity of the survey and what the survey host is looking for, some sophisticated and niched reviews can take up to 45-60 minutes.

The surveys may only be available for a limited time. We usually get a quota from our research partners for studies beyond which we have to decline the responses. Sometimes the quota is exhausted within the minutes of the survey launch. So, we advise you to keep a check on the new surveys not to miss an opportunity of rewards and referrals.

Yes, there is. We sincerely request all our members not to share details about the surveys with friends or on public forums. This restricted information includes details about survey contents, survey titles, survey IDs, time of completion, screenshots, etc.
We know how much you honor your privacy. We expect the same.

Please ensure to fill out as much information as possible in the profile section. We encourage you to keep your profile updated with the latest data. This ensures all the apt surveys are directed to you.

First, not only your opinions but your information also shape research. One wrong information can deter study from the right track. And while the cyber world is facing constant threats, the only hope to business success is honesty. Thankfully, our advanced technology behind our application can accurately predict how you will answer a question. You must not be speeding through the surveys. Also, any inconsistency in your answering pattern confuses our system. This weakens the trust of our system on you.
Be honest, and get rewarded!

Know the rewards of online surveys for money the world is enjoying right now.

Reward Points & Payments

You catalyze your earnings in this system. You tell us who you are and pen down your thoughts while taking up the online surveys and who knows, the sky is the limit.

We offer reward points, gift cards, or cash via the most trusted online wallet transfers. The choices are yours!

Absolutely. That is the beauty of the Opinionest rewarding model. Choose your benefits as you wish.

It’s simple! Upon registering and completing your profile at Opinionest, your eligibility rolls in. Be aware that you need to fill in all the mandatory predefined questions in the profile segment. The more optional questions you answer, we reward you with additional points. You need to accumulate 1000 points to redeem your reward points into gift cards or cash.

A secured digital payment platform, PayPal has close to 325M active account holders (and growing). These users transact online, on a mobile device, in an app, or in-person with enormous confidence. All the members are required to have verified PayPal accounts to withdraw their earnings. To update your information, you need to visit and register yourself.


Yes—that would be fantabulous! Not only can you refer but also send email invitations to your friends, family, and associates through our Invite Your Folks link. Share as much as you can via the social handles at Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Instagram, and other channels. And start collecting rewards and blessings. For more information, refer to the privacy policy and our terms and condition.

Absolutely. Let’s surprise you when you refer your folks to Opinionest.

We bet you wouldn’t want to do that!

Our advanced technology would run you out every time you try to omit the regulations. We are in constant endeavors to test our metrics and gauge suspicious activities. You would only lose your points by doing so. Continuous spamming can disqualify you from the surveys.

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