Programmatic Sampling – A Beginners Guide


<p>&ldquo;Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.&rdquo;&nbsp;<br /> - James Cash Penney, the Founder of JC Penney</p> <p>Ours is an era where the technology penetration rate is rapidly increasing; social media is revolutionising the mind-sets of the society; the corporate roles are far more digitalized than ever before; moreover people today work from home for a small/large company as per their convenience that earlier wasn&rsquo;t the case at all!&nbsp;<br /> The pace at which we are heading towards advancements is flabbergasting!&nbsp;</p> <p>With market research industry steadily ascending; one such advancement in the sampling world that has made thinking possible over manual intervention is of Automation. Imagine what if you get time to innovate in new and exciting ways rather than spending never ending odd hours on bids and quotas? It&#39;s quite simple, really: You get to think more than merely doing. This not only makes life easier, but also phenomenally different and team Opinionest would love to tell you how!</p> <p>To illustrate, Programmatic Sampling partners with API integrated software solutions to automate the process of supplying samples. In Programmatic technique of sampling, suppliers have the ability to program their targets, quotas, field times and potentially a lot more directly into the panels. It&rsquo;s the computer programming that does all the work for you and here&rsquo;s the best thing &ndash; it fetches evidence based insights for a concrete decision making.&nbsp;</p> <p>That is to say, gone are the early days of traditional multicultural sample business where you would wake up in the middle of the night to check quotas. Today, the suppliers have advanced to setting quotas and forgetting about them &ndash; and guess what? They are getting speedy and effective results as compared to the traditional way of sampling. Back then, the process was very set &ndash; suppliers bid on projects, committed to feasibility, made manual effort of phone calls, emails to lock in prices before surveys went live. However; today, with more and more suppliers opting for the Programmatic approach, the quality of multicultural sample business has become relatively higher as this sampling technique is less error- prone, way faster, requires little or no human intervention; adds on to process efficacies, reduces employment cost, you get happier and engaged set of respondents for a lifetime, and believe it or not, Programmatic is a sure-fire way to effective sampling in these evolving times.</p> <p>It&rsquo;s time to bid goodbye to the traditional manual sampling and embrace full breadth of automation &ndash; suppliers can only thrive to win in this fast paced competitive era by adapting to data and metric driven Programmatic Approach.<br /> &nbsp;</p>

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