Programmatic Sampling – A Beginners Guide

9/17/2018 8:06:10 AM

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” 
- James Cash Penney, the Founder of JC Penney

Ours is an era where the technology penetration rate is rapidly increasing; social media is revolutionising the mind-sets of the society; the corporate roles are far more digitalized than ever before; moreover people today work from home for a small/large company as per their convenience that earlier wasn’t the case at all! 
The pace at which we are heading towards advancements is flabbergasting! 

With market research industry steadily ascending; one such advancement in the sampling world that has made thinking possible over manual intervention is of Automation. Imagine what if you get time to innovate in new and exciting ways rather than spending never ending odd hours on bids and quotas? It's quite simple, really: You get to think more than merely doing. This not only makes life easier, but also phenomenally different and team Opinionest would love to tell you how!

To illustrate, Programmatic Sampling partners with API integrated software solutions to automate the process of supplying samples. In Programmatic technique of sampling, suppliers have the ability to program their targets, quotas, field times and potentially a lot more directly into the panels. It’s the computer programming that does all the work for you and here’s the best thing – it fetches evidence based insights for a concrete decision making. 

That is to say, gone are the early days of traditional multicultural sample business where you would wake up in the middle of the night to check quotas. Today, the suppliers have advanced to setting quotas and forgetting about them – and guess what? They are getting speedy and effective results as compared to the traditional way of sampling. Back then, the process was very set – suppliers bid on projects, committed to feasibility, made manual effort of phone calls, emails to lock in prices before surveys went live. However; today, with more and more suppliers opting for the Programmatic approach, the quality of multicultural sample business has become relatively higher as this sampling technique is less error- prone, way faster, requires little or no human intervention; adds on to process efficacies, reduces employment cost, you get happier and engaged set of respondents for a lifetime, and believe it or not, Programmatic is a sure-fire way to effective sampling in these evolving times.

It’s time to bid goodbye to the traditional manual sampling and embrace full breadth of automation – suppliers can only thrive to win in this fast paced competitive era by adapting to data and metric driven Programmatic Approach.

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Simple earnings take you a long way!

9/17/2018 8:04:06 AM

Earnings never come easy - do they? On the contrary, it’s true that these earnings give you the wings you need to fulfil your dreams and desires and that of your families. Did you know that there are companies (brands), both big and small, that are interested in your opinion and are willing to pay for your thoughts?  

At Opinionest, we round up simple money making methods for you to earn supplementary income – all you have to do is spare a few minutes from your daily schedule to make it a success. 

Here’s how: 

1.    Register yourself – Sign up and register your details on the Opinionest website. 

2.    Verify your email account with us – As soon as you hit the “confirm your email account” button, you will receive a warm welcome email from team Opinionest. Yes, we are happy to have you aboard too!

3.    Add our email to your contact list - All new and relevant surveys matching your profile will be emailed to the email address of record. They will also appear on the dashboard once you are logged in with Opinionest.

4.    Ensure to give your consent for the Household Information – This is an essential step towards your earnings. We value your time and efforts hence collecting this information will help us profile your surveys in a pragmatic manner.

5.    Browse through our Privacy Policy & Terms of Use – Be sure to glance through the essential policies of Privacy and Terms of Use listed on the Opinionest website as we detail out all aspects you would want to be aware of.

6.    Answer the Mandatory Questions – Opinionest urges you to fill these as it will get us to the ultimate decision on what kind surveys to route to you - So, the soccer lover sporty person in you won't be made to share your views on soap operas and vice versa.

7.    Fill more and more optional questions – The more optional questions showcased on your Profile you fill, the more surveys will be sent to you from Opinionest. Quick tip -  answer all the optional relevant questions to add up bonus points.

8.    Share and Grow your Earnings – Word of mouth does matter – don’t it? How about sharing what you’ve come across at Opinionest with friends and there you go, another milestone achieved towards your earnings.

Happy Earnings!

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It works if you work it, from Home!

9/5/2018 5:43:16 AM

Are you thriving on a budget and want to maximise your earnings?

We all know that we need to work hard and make money for a living – so we step out of our houses every day so that all expenditures whether big or small can be duly met and we can keep our families safe and sound. But what if you were told that you could make easy money from your PC or smartphone even when you are at home?

Online survey is tolling to the top of internet and is well known to all for its easy money offerings. So, there are free lunches in the world – only if you ply smartly. That’s completely okay with us if you’re a mom to three kids or a father with a full time job or a young adult who has just stepped into the world of online surveys. As a member of the Opinionest community, you earn points and redeem these points to cash and gift vouchers as long as you are with us. 

Tip to make it work: You help us and we reward you! That is, you help us by taking the online surveys and providing for the information we seek and in return we aid you to grow your income. It’s really that simple!       

Opinionest primarily uses Paypal to wire transfer all members for taking surveys. Once you have registered at with your email address, a verification email is rolled out to you for your further confirmation and ta-da you are legit to start receiving surveys and your Paypal money. The more surveys you complete, the points keep adding up and y’ll see them convert to Paypal money in no time. Moreover; Opinionest is free to join.     

Get started by registering yourself at Opinionest today!

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